Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Forgot my MEDS

Saturday i took my son to the hospital because he couldnt breath and while i was their i forgot my meds that night. the next day i begain to feel hands swelling and my fore ARM begain to hurt. So now i realized that i forget my meds thats how fast it begains to hurt. Ive been looking at Medical MJ and i didnt like it when i was a partyer and still dont thats why i havent got the card yet. I dont think it would help me to reduice the pain.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sitting here woundering

Im sitting here woundering how my MRI went and if they found anything wrong.
ill find out this week if i have something or nothing wrong. School starts next week and the Kids cant wait but im trying to get through the day. Neck still hurting and makes things harder to deal with everyday stuff. \
I want to find out how many kids are dealing with RA and i want to hear their storys about what they deal with. I want try to get people to help with funding for RA people.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The change of pain

My whole world sucks in the world of pain. One day i hurt in my hands then in my neck then in my armand shoulder. its moving down into my arm into the elbow.
When you have RA it moves all over your body from one leg to the other then to arms and hands. What can i tell you about this KAOS is that be aware of the dangers and the limitations that RA will give you. I got to the point where i couldnt open a door to my home or my car and walking was really hard for a time. What do you deal with