Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bone Spers

I went to the doctor yesterday and she had x-rays of my spine and she said ive got bone spers all through my spine and im woundering if that can cause my pain?
Most likley it is the issue but how can i get rid of them and who does it? My shoulder blade was killing me yesterday and last night and when i finily got to sleep at 12:30 it was gone when i woke up this morning. The doctor wants a MRI of my neck and accupuncher and well as more pain killers. when does the meds stop and treatment start if ive got a bone sper in my neck? Im going to check on how they get rid of bone spers and in the spine and ill study all the oppitions to recover with no issues. My wife and family is my life and what ive been going through has been hard on my family. My wife is strong but i need to be strong as well. Sometimes life sucks but im going to get through it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This moves around

The past couple of days my thumb was in pain to the point even at the touch it felt like it was broken and swollen. The joint close to me hand made the skin red and after alot of pain killers the pain subsided. From favoring my hand and arm, my ribs on the left side feel like im beening stabed and its hard to breath. Tuesday im going for a Nerve test for my neck. I hope i can find more things to help my recorvory.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Doctors Say

Doctors Say if you eat good stop smoking and workout you should feel better.
They also say when i first started that you should claim ssi. And when you claim SSI
the pain is not good enough to claim you need your hands to be all jacked up.
Well No the doctor says SSI is for quiters! Well someone with RA is not a quiter they just get tired of the pain and all the meds. My Doctor has RA as well and what helps him get in the way of my treatment. I have 10 different types of pills and a injection that i give myself every 2 weeks two times a month. Everytime i go to the doctor and complain about the pain from my head to my feet, the doctor says that im doing better then when i first started witch is but the pain remains the same.
What is the out come of it all and when will i not feel pain? What do i got to do for SSI to get it and IM NOT GIVEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Just today i woke up and my left hand was beginning to hurt as the day wore on my jaw and my left arm are hurting real bad enought to whare i cant close my hand. Ra is really messing with my life to where i dont want to do anything any more. This sucks badley and life is only getting harder to live but im not stopping the fight im going to live for my wife and kids and have alot of fun

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How come

Why do doctors give people more drugs insted of dealing with finding the issue.
Sometimes i think they dont want to get deep into it because their to busy. I went to the doctor last week and said that i was haven a headach for many days now and he said well your doing better then when you first have come to me. Well i think thats bull. The first doctor didnt know what to do to help my pain so he overdosed me.
Now i feel that my hands and arms and back and neck hurt on a regular baces. When i sleep,on the computer,sitting, and just even walking.
If you tell you doctor he just may pass you on to the next person just like they dont have time for you and that sucks

Monday, July 19, 2010

What is funny and what is not

The heat is on and i hurt more in the heat then in the cold. The pain is know in my back and neck ouch

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What did i come from

I started with a locked shoulder and went to the doctor and he took X-rays and nothing. After pain killers to calm the pain it moved to the other shoulder and into my hands. He thought wow you have RA and im sending you to a specialist. After weeks and weeks of being on Methodone and Morphine as will other Norcos im blow my top and ended up Getting escorted out of Kaiser Riverside. I went back to my family doc and he sent me to a different doctor in another city and he has RA as well. After treatment for 2 years and no overdoseing i was doing better for a while. I was eatting healthy Not smoking and Working out. Last year i got really sick and ever sence i got sick my RA is back and im not feeling well. I went back to the doctor and he acks like he is hideing better meds from me and making it out that it is my falt and Going to SSI is for quiters and i need to deal with this issue the rest of my life. Not cool at all and Im going to SSI and maybe it will help my family get back on their feet from me not working. Neck pain is the worst. In the middle of my spine and next to my skull it just kills me just to get out of bed and it goes down my back and then goes back up in the evening. My hands hurt some times as well as my feet. This is a sick world of pain. If your hear and reading this and you have a doctor that doesnt listen to you and drugs you up stop taking the Norcos and look for a RA doctor that cares. Im going to suffer the rest of my life and also SSI think it is ok if you do another job as long as you sit allday and use a typeriter you should be fine and able to work. Well For a socalled doctor evaluator they dont Know Shit! It took 2 days to write this because my hands are killing me. So Dont take NO for a answer and trust no one in treating you. You are the one in pain and suffering so take a stand and listen to your body and it will tell you whats wrong and keep a log of it so you can explain to your Doctor, what it feels like and how much pain your in at that time . Be safe and Make today seem like the last day and enjoy life

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleeping Sucks

Everytime i wake in the morning i got a painful headack. Today was very painful that i had to use ice to calm the pain and still the pain lingers

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ive never felt this way

Yes everyday i have a headake but my heals are numb to the touch but painful when i streach out. the heat in CAlifornia doesnt help the pain. Ive tryed for SSI so i can take the time to get well and to find out the right meds to control the pain and stiffniss. Unable to recive it yet im going to apply again to get my MONEY i worked for. My back gets cramps to the point i feel like im being stabed in the back.My hands and arms ,shoulders as well feel numb and sometimes feel like i have a bone sper in my shoulder and my hands cramp up to the point i use wrist braceses. No matter what i hurt.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The start of the day.

Thats the hard part in dealing with RA. Every morning i get up i just want to take some valumes and go back to bed. I would do something around the house and pay for it later. Swimming is a wounderful thing but why does cold water feels better than warm? If you feel like the world is causing the pain dont feel alone.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Im having head and neck pain

Everyday i get out of bed and to start the day it takes 2 to 3 hours to get moving and to start the day. Everyday no matter what i try to feel better and no matter what i do like eating well and not smoking and living right theirs always pain.
My neck and head hurt so much i feel like throwing up when it gets bad.
Some days are good. I can get up and deal with little to no pain and other days i want to die from the pain. Today is not a good day for me. I cant deal with the pain.

Dealing with RA

I've Been dealing with RA for Three years now and their is times the pain is to painful to deal with. I've tryed meds and other types of treatment but i still having pain and now cronic headacks. Is their any hope for relief? My Family is suffering from it and im tired of pain.
If you have have RA id like to hear your blogs about it and how you are dealing with it!