Sunday, September 26, 2010

No matter what

It's been rough latley my lower back is killing me and my neck as well ever sence my last intry. The emotion is really hard and dealling with this and im constantly being reminded to stop doing the things that i want to do. What will be the out come
of the day i stop hurtting. I want to be their for my family but its hard to deal with the pain and the family. Monday im going to a doctor about some shots for the pain but what good will that do? Ive been trying to apply for SSI and i doute that ill get it because im not deformed to their likings and those people at the ssi office are people that are judging me for a appearence not the trouble im going threw. What is wrong this pitcure? theirs always someone trying to make things worse.
SSA its going to help my family and me with my doctor payments and with the kids. I write this Blog for the people that deal with RA that makes pain not swelling and disformed. if you read this you will learn that i dont have deformed hands or visable
deformed anything. I have constant pain and suffering do to RA and spinal issues where that makes life suck. My spine is injured inward not outward. its close to my spinalcord to where it effects my legs and hips. its hard to walk and to get around. RA is a issue to where i cant open the doors and type alot. thats why i got to stop now do to loss of feeling in my arms. so ill wright later about more.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What the difference

Whats the difference between RA and Spondylitis. Alot of the systoms are the same.
I feel that now im confused and i guess ill never find out whats wrong.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Forgot my MEDS

Saturday i took my son to the hospital because he couldnt breath and while i was their i forgot my meds that night. the next day i begain to feel hands swelling and my fore ARM begain to hurt. So now i realized that i forget my meds thats how fast it begains to hurt. Ive been looking at Medical MJ and i didnt like it when i was a partyer and still dont thats why i havent got the card yet. I dont think it would help me to reduice the pain.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sitting here woundering

Im sitting here woundering how my MRI went and if they found anything wrong.
ill find out this week if i have something or nothing wrong. School starts next week and the Kids cant wait but im trying to get through the day. Neck still hurting and makes things harder to deal with everyday stuff. \
I want to find out how many kids are dealing with RA and i want to hear their storys about what they deal with. I want try to get people to help with funding for RA people.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The change of pain

My whole world sucks in the world of pain. One day i hurt in my hands then in my neck then in my armand shoulder. its moving down into my arm into the elbow.
When you have RA it moves all over your body from one leg to the other then to arms and hands. What can i tell you about this KAOS is that be aware of the dangers and the limitations that RA will give you. I got to the point where i couldnt open a door to my home or my car and walking was really hard for a time. What do you deal with

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bone Spers

I went to the doctor yesterday and she had x-rays of my spine and she said ive got bone spers all through my spine and im woundering if that can cause my pain?
Most likley it is the issue but how can i get rid of them and who does it? My shoulder blade was killing me yesterday and last night and when i finily got to sleep at 12:30 it was gone when i woke up this morning. The doctor wants a MRI of my neck and accupuncher and well as more pain killers. when does the meds stop and treatment start if ive got a bone sper in my neck? Im going to check on how they get rid of bone spers and in the spine and ill study all the oppitions to recover with no issues. My wife and family is my life and what ive been going through has been hard on my family. My wife is strong but i need to be strong as well. Sometimes life sucks but im going to get through it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This moves around

The past couple of days my thumb was in pain to the point even at the touch it felt like it was broken and swollen. The joint close to me hand made the skin red and after alot of pain killers the pain subsided. From favoring my hand and arm, my ribs on the left side feel like im beening stabed and its hard to breath. Tuesday im going for a Nerve test for my neck. I hope i can find more things to help my recorvory.