Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bone Spers

I went to the doctor yesterday and she had x-rays of my spine and she said ive got bone spers all through my spine and im woundering if that can cause my pain?
Most likley it is the issue but how can i get rid of them and who does it? My shoulder blade was killing me yesterday and last night and when i finily got to sleep at 12:30 it was gone when i woke up this morning. The doctor wants a MRI of my neck and accupuncher and well as more pain killers. when does the meds stop and treatment start if ive got a bone sper in my neck? Im going to check on how they get rid of bone spers and in the spine and ill study all the oppitions to recover with no issues. My wife and family is my life and what ive been going through has been hard on my family. My wife is strong but i need to be strong as well. Sometimes life sucks but im going to get through it.

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