Sunday, July 18, 2010

What did i come from

I started with a locked shoulder and went to the doctor and he took X-rays and nothing. After pain killers to calm the pain it moved to the other shoulder and into my hands. He thought wow you have RA and im sending you to a specialist. After weeks and weeks of being on Methodone and Morphine as will other Norcos im blow my top and ended up Getting escorted out of Kaiser Riverside. I went back to my family doc and he sent me to a different doctor in another city and he has RA as well. After treatment for 2 years and no overdoseing i was doing better for a while. I was eatting healthy Not smoking and Working out. Last year i got really sick and ever sence i got sick my RA is back and im not feeling well. I went back to the doctor and he acks like he is hideing better meds from me and making it out that it is my falt and Going to SSI is for quiters and i need to deal with this issue the rest of my life. Not cool at all and Im going to SSI and maybe it will help my family get back on their feet from me not working. Neck pain is the worst. In the middle of my spine and next to my skull it just kills me just to get out of bed and it goes down my back and then goes back up in the evening. My hands hurt some times as well as my feet. This is a sick world of pain. If your hear and reading this and you have a doctor that doesnt listen to you and drugs you up stop taking the Norcos and look for a RA doctor that cares. Im going to suffer the rest of my life and also SSI think it is ok if you do another job as long as you sit allday and use a typeriter you should be fine and able to work. Well For a socalled doctor evaluator they dont Know Shit! It took 2 days to write this because my hands are killing me. So Dont take NO for a answer and trust no one in treating you. You are the one in pain and suffering so take a stand and listen to your body and it will tell you whats wrong and keep a log of it so you can explain to your Doctor, what it feels like and how much pain your in at that time . Be safe and Make today seem like the last day and enjoy life

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