Friday, July 23, 2010

Doctors Say

Doctors Say if you eat good stop smoking and workout you should feel better.
They also say when i first started that you should claim ssi. And when you claim SSI
the pain is not good enough to claim you need your hands to be all jacked up.
Well No the doctor says SSI is for quiters! Well someone with RA is not a quiter they just get tired of the pain and all the meds. My Doctor has RA as well and what helps him get in the way of my treatment. I have 10 different types of pills and a injection that i give myself every 2 weeks two times a month. Everytime i go to the doctor and complain about the pain from my head to my feet, the doctor says that im doing better then when i first started witch is but the pain remains the same.
What is the out come of it all and when will i not feel pain? What do i got to do for SSI to get it and IM NOT GIVEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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